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We are a go for this Saturday, December 7th to plant all the wonderful bulbs that have been collected to remember Charlotte and her fierce, colorful spirit in Belmont Park.  We will be working from 9am-12pm, rain or shine.  Show up early, and bring any shovels, trowels, bulb planters, and dandelion weeders you have to help with the planting.  We will be working in the daylily bed along the west side of the park, and at the bed around the Belmont Park sign in the southeast corner.  We will have folks at each location to give you direction once you arrive.
Please spread the word and encourage people you know who would like to support the Watsons.  The more people we have, the faster we will get the bulbs planted.
Thanks to all for your interest, and most especially to the Watsons for opening themselves up to us being a part of this process with them.  Megan, James, and other family members are coming Saturday to remember Charlotte, so let’s show up in force to be there with them.

If you’d like to be of further help, you are invited to join the Supporting the Watsons google group where additional ways of supporting the Watsons are discussed.

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